20 Thoughts Every Nanny Has At Some Point

Being a nanny is one of the most wonderful and rewarding jobs you can have. With that being said, it can also be somewhat difficult at times – am I right?! You try taking care of a crying baby and helping out with the toddler at the same time and see how you feel. Nannies are our lifesavers, superheroes and our knights in shining armor. At the end of an enjoyable, but exhausting day, sometimes all you can do is laugh.

When you work in childcare, some days can be quite hectic. It’s normal to have a million thoughts going through your head all at once. Some joyful thoughts, and some not so joyful. Not to say these nannies don’t love what they do, but similar to being a parent – it’s a tough job. You’re coming into another family’s home, where they are trusting you to take care of their most precious little miracles. To some, it might sound easy, but in reality, it’s a huge responsibility. But, no matter what, it’s still one of the most gratifying careers out there. So, just know when you have these thoughts, you are not alone.

1. “Are these people ever going to feed me?”


2. “OMG…I hope they never repeat what I just said in front of their parents.”


3. “I love this kid”


4. “I’m not getting paid enough to do this shit”

5. “This is the best job ever!”

6. “Ooh a box of Cheez-Its, they won’t know if a handful is missing…”

7. “This is the best form of birth control ;)”

8. “I can’t imagine a better gig!”


9. “Thanks for leaving out all of last night’s dishes for me! Wink wink.”

10. “I love these kids as I imagine loving my own.”

11. “I am NEVER having kids”

12. “Oh no, what is that smell?!”

13. “Are my friends going to notice I smell like throw-up and spoiled milk tonight?”

14. “Dear God when are the parents coming home?”

15. “Okay, I’ve got to tidy up for when the parents get home! Hurry!”

16. “Oh no! Did he just spill all the paint all over the carpet?!”

17. “I hope my kid is as cute as this little one!”

18. “Oh no, I have to drive the mini-van again.”

19. “I get paid to go to the zoo today?! So lucky!”

20. “You’re telling me I need to take the double stroller and the two dogs to the park?”

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