5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Nanny

5 Christmas Ideas for Your Nanny

  1. Something they can use at work. Is there something you notice that would be beneficial to your nanny and make their job easier? Does your nanny always bring a coffee with her or a plastic water bottle? A new mug or water bottle would be handy! I personally enjoy the ones that keep your ice frozen all day! A new bag? I would constantly bring plastic bags to my family’s house to hold my lunch, water, and I usually would bring an extra pair of socks because sometimes their house got cold. Giving something that is practical, but also something that your nanny would not buy for herself is a must!
  1. Car detail. If your nanny is responsible for carting the kids around this would be a great gift. My car gets dirty, and I don’t usually have kids in tow. Understanding how much of a mess kids make it would show how much you appreciate your nanny for driving them around.
  1. Self-care. At A Nanny For U, we are big proponents of self-care and encourage everyone at least once a week to do something for themselves that will either benefit them mentally or physically. Providing a pampering experience for your nanny whether you notice they get their nails done and the next time is on you or want to help her de-stress a massage is a great way to go. Especially with the Holidays around the corner which is already a stressful time!
  1. Candles. I have not met a single nanny who doesn’t like candles! There are even non-traditional candles now that have surprises inside like Jewelry. My all-time favorite candles are the cackling candles – I always stock up for the fall because that is the best time to burn them. Especially when it is Halloween, and you want to feel all cozy!
  1. Extra Time Off. While nannies accrue vacation time and PTO that they can use at their discretion, a great surprise would some extra time off during the Holidays to spend with family. Holidays can already be stressful with travel and throwing a full-time job into the mix makes it even more difficult to do so! Show how much you appreciate your nanny during this time.