5 Experience Gifts For The Kids

Haven’t started holiday shopping for the family yet? Still have that one person that already “has everything” that you need to find a gift for?  We have a great idea that will cut down on the hustle and bustle and still include all of the magic of making memories.  Experience gifts are easy to pull together last minute but will leave lasting memories!  Most only require you to reserve in advance and you can get creative with a fun “ticket” to wrap up for them!  Here are 5 Experience gift ideas to get you started!

1. Season Pass

The gift that keeps on giving- you can enjoy a season’s pass all year round.  Our favorites in the Seattle area are Woodland Park Zoo, Wild Waves, Point Defiance Zoo, The Seattle Aquarium and Silverwood in Idaho if you are up for a summer full of fun road trips!

2. Tickets to a Concert or Show

Pick up tickets for their favorite artist or show and wrap them up with an ITunes gift card so they can download their music!

3. Movie Date

Buy two tickets to a movie, one for you and one for them, add enough credit on a gift card for the fun stuff once you get there such as popcorn, candy, and drinks. Print out movie times and include the gift card!

4. Bringing them lunch to school

Print out a menu of preset options and put it inside a card. Let them pick from what they would like you to bring, then pick a day and enjoy getting to know their classmates and lunch experiences!  My kids still talk about the fun times that I was able to join them in their world during lunch.

5. Take a class together

If you have a Sur La Table in your area, check their calendar for a fun cooking class to take with your loved one. Include the confirmation and the details or the description of the class. If cooking isn’t your thing, try a painting class!

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