5 Things That Will Attract the Best Nanny for Your Family

So you’ve taken the first steps in hiring a nanny and now it’s time to shine as a family to attract the best possible caregiver for your home! We want to set you up for success by giving you an inside perspective that our nannies have shared with us over the years in hopes that you maintain a positive working relationship.


1. Clear Expectations

Have a written-out job description of what you expect from your nanny and dialog about how you want things done. Nannies are pleasers and perfectionists, and this allows them to excel!

2. Open Communication

Be honest, open, and consistent with your dialog. Allow room for daily, and weekly check-ins to discuss how things are going with the kids. We encourage you to have an open forum to communicate what is going right/wrong, how you can help each other and improve.

3. Treat your nanny like part of the family, not “just an employee”.

Yes, ultimately you are the employer and boss, and that line needs to remain very clear. However, your nanny is taking a personal investment in your kids and will feel valued and appreciated when you treat them as an extension of your family. They want you to care! This will only deepen their bond and love for their own children.

4. Take a personal investment in their life.

The same way you’d want this for your own kids, KNOW them. It’s incredibly valuable to take an interest in who they are as people and what they enjoy outside of work – while leaving all drama aside.

5. Make them feel like they are part of a team.

Ultimately, this is what you are! Bring your nanny into the conversation when discussing parenting philosophies/styles, disciple issues, changes in schedules, etc. There are very few things more important than providing a united front to your children and contribute largely to the success of your working relationship as a whole. This way, both you as parents and your nanny will receive the support that you need.

It is our deepest pleasure to find the perfect nanny for your home, but we take endless pride and excitement in ensuring a relationship that only adds to the quality of your family.