9 Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas

An Elf on the shelf isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for every Christmas, for the next 10 years. Think before you buy…

If you’ve already bought a family Elf, it’s too late for you. You’ve probably experienced the panic of waking up to realize your Elf hasn’t moved since yesterday and you must dash to move it before the kids wake up to see. Or maybe you’re running out of simple, creative ways to place your family Elf, as all Elf parents go through at some time.

To help ease the panic of coming up with creative places for your elf, here’s our top 9 last minute ideas when you are in a rush!

Gone Fishing: Super easy and creative. Who doesn’t have goldfish and floss?!











Snow Angel: Sprinkles, flour or rice make a great alternative to snow!











Swinging Elf: Grab a candy cane from the tree and position your elf above one of the door frames.










Santa Snack: The dog cookie prank is a fun laugh for all ages!









Rock Climbing: Is this mischievous Elf being active or trying to make a break for it?









Message From The Elf: Remind your kids to behave, and to clean their messes – maybe they’ll even listen since the Elf told them to!










Tp-ing Elf: Get the kids laughing with this Elf stunt!










Fridge Shenanigans: Elves can get into so much in the kitchen.








Dryer Elf: This Elf’s caught up in the mess of doing laundry and is now trapped – help!










Best of luck keeping your Elf on the move!

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