Let’s give a round of applause for Mr. Sun for coming back into our lives and giving us the true gift of outside fun! When your little ones have been cooped up in doors for so long, either at home or in the classroom, it’s such a refreshing feeling knowing that going outside in the fresh air and warm sunshine is an actual option to have! 

And sometimes, when we get so excited about being able to enjoy the good weather and the different options it brings us, we might feel like we don’t even know where to begin! Here are some awesome go-to’s for summertime and outdoor activities, for you and your little ones!


  • Walks to the Park! This is the classic. Get that stroller out of the garage, and let’s do it! Going for a walk is a great activity, especially when the destination is to the park! Kiddo’s love being able to climb and jump and play pretend on the jungle gym, letting them have fun and also burn some energy up! Also, this is a great place to meet up for playdates, make new friends, and enjoy some picnic time! If there’s a bigger or more specific park you have in mind, such as “Artists at Play” Playground , Discovery Park , Alki Beach Park , Jefferson Park , Wallingford Playfield , Seattle Children’s Playgarden, you can pack up the car and take a little drive to whatever looks and sounds great!


  • Berry Picking! Summertime is the prime time to take your littles outside, pick some yummy fruit, and take some home to enjoy! Most of berry picking are in the Northwest and here are some of the good ones! Bolles Organic Berry Farm is located in Monroe and a great spot to check out for raspberries, blueberries and strawberries! Willie Green’s Organic Farm located in Snohomish, has raspberries and blueberries to pick up! Biringer Farm, located in Arlington, has some yummy strawberries to pick as well as a fun little playground! Schuh Farms – Festival of Family Farms, located in Mount Vernon, has some amazing strawberries and cherries waiting for you! Such a fun activity for little ones and for us grown-ups! And just think about the yummy pies you can make with them!


  • Bellevue Botanical Garden! Want to be surrounded by bright colors and a beautiful scenery? The Botanical Garden is the perfect place for a couple hours of strolling around with your little ones, looking at and enjoying the true beauty of nature! You can sign up for a guided tour, or go on your own schedule! Bellevue Botanical Garden


  • The Zoo! There’s nothing better than a zoo day! This will be a fun day for everyone! Whether it’s a few hours of the day you want filled, or going to make it a whole day experience, zoo’s are a kid friendly and educational activity! Some awesome zoos you can check out, if you haven’t already, are Woodland Park Zoo, located in Phinney Ridge, Cougar Mountain Zoo , located in Issaquah, Animal Encounters, located in Redmond, who also can can come out to you for events and parties, and even The Reptile Zoo for those little ones who love all things scale-y, located in Monroe. Animals are always a hit with the little ones, plus learning about them and teaching respect for them, is the best activity of all!


  • Festivals! It’s summertime, which means the festivals are rollin’ in! Check out your local events schedule, or even what is around the city, to plan some fun days in advance! Some festivals to look out for are Fremont Fair, Seattle International Dance Festival, Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair, Ballard Seafood Fest, West Seattle Summer Fest. There are SO much more to look up and check out, definitely a great way to get outside and enjoy a summer day with your little ones! Seattle’s Summer Festivals


Summertime is definitely the best time to be a nanny! From simply playing outside and picnicking in the backyard to planning fun filled days out and about in the sunshine, nanny life is on point in the summer!


                                           Summertime = Happy Kiddos, and Happy Kiddos = Happy Nannies!