Avoiding the unimaginable

Imagine this – You hire a nanny who seems like a good fit. She is available when you need her, which is awesome. Your kids even like her when they first meet. Done deal! But do you really know your new nanny? Do you know her background? The people she grew up with that makes her who she is? As parents, we put so much trust in our nanny.  How can you ensure who you hire lives up to that role?

The owner and founder of A Nanny for U, Rebecca Dyke, explains how to avoid the unimaginable in a news segment from Take5 News. There are many steps to ensure the safety of your kids. Check out these procedures Rebecca uses while finding the perfect nanny and take a look at the video!

  1. References: Here at A Nanny for U, we have a strong emphasis on our nannies references. During our screening process, we reach out to at least 3 different professional childcare references that are non-family members. It’s important to ask previous employers in depth questions about the nanny. “Did your nanny always show up on time? Is she trustworthy and reliable? Can you give us specific examples of your nanny showing imitative?” Asking all of the important questions and asking them for specific examples could be the key to finding the perfect nanny for your family.
  1. Up-Bringing: Your nanny may have a clean background check, but what is their actual background?? Who raised them? What kind of friends do they hang out with? What are her life goals? We go above and beyond with our questions at A Nanny for U. At the end of an interview, we know are nannies very well! Our goal is to find out what kind of environment they would flourish in and fit them with their ideal family. 
  1. Communication- In order to be successful in our screening process, a nanny must be able to communicate effectively! We are communicating with our future nannies through constant phone calls and emails. There are many different stages in our process, but they all require phenomenal communication. At A Nanny for U, we value communication. Are our nannies able to effectively communicate with us in a timely manner? These things matter! If they can’t communicate with us in the beginning, we know they aren’t going to communicate well with our clients in the future.