Temp Taryn Tweets!

  It was a sunny and beautiful morning here in Seattle this past Sunday, and just like most Sundays my husband, my dog, and I are walking to the local coffee shop – The Station. As I’m waiting in line I look out the window and realize that there is not a single child playing […]

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First Babysitting Gig

I’ve been in the nanny business for 20 years now.  For 4 years prior, I was a part and full time nanny, and for about 6 years prior to that I was the neighborhood babysitter.  I remember when my Mom came to me and said she had received a phone call from a friend that […]

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Babysitter Horse

In the country, the term babysitter is used with horses that are specifically great with kids.  For example, older horses that have previously been great competition horses in all kinds of rodeo or ranch work eventually get to semi-retire.  This basically means they are no longer working hard day in and day out because they have […]

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Farm kids in the summer

We have lived in the country for 3 years fulltime and 4 years part time.  When summer is coming, the city mom in me starts researching camps and classes trying to figure out what we are going to do for the summer.  Then a point comes every year when I remember- this is camp! My friends […]

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Datenight with a twist!

I am 6 months post delivery.  I have not been able to get my body back to it’s pre pregnancy place.  As a result, going on a datenight in a small town has some challenges.  Since I’m nursing I don’t drink much so that’s out.  Working out 5 days a week trying to get this […]

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Sunscreen…Friend or Foe?

When the temperature rises and the sun decides to take a staycation in the PNW, something crazy yet familiar can be seen all over: caregivers wrestling little ones, attempting to cover every exposed inch of skin with sunscreen. This battle occurs at the local park, outdoor pool and even the zoo, because we have been […]

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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

Break the midweek blues by making your own hues with this DIY sidewalk chalk paint recipe! Supplies Needed: Muffin tin Bowl Measuring cup Food coloring Paint brushes or paint sponges ½ cup cornstarch ½ cup water Mix together water and cornstarch in a bowl or measuring cup. Pour mixture into the individual cups of the […]

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Disciplining When Accidents Occur

When you hear a crash followed by “oops, it was an accident!,” it can often be difficult to remain calm when you notice a valuable item has been broken. All caregivers have been in this difficult situation and question how to handle this dilemma. Jessica Minier Mable wrote a interesting article for Parentmap about how handling […]

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Barrel Racing!

Check out ANFU’s owner Rebecca’s daughter Rian, age 11 and her horse Boss at their first barrel race in 4 years! We thought this would be a fun video to show your littles the types of sports available in the country! If your kids are searching for a sport here’s one to consider! For more information about […]

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