On A Business Trip? Need To Bring The Kids? No Problem!

When having to travel out of town for business, especially last minute, and you have children in toe – things can get quite complex pretty fast. Add to this the business priorities that should remain at the forefront while trying to maintain entertainment, online schooling, and care activities for your child. There is a way to ease the process, and that starts with planning for childcare at the business destination.

How To Plan For Childcare On  A Business Trip

If you are not traveling with a spouse or partner who can help with childcare while on your business trip, then professional childcare services will be the way to go. Some companies offer cooperate childcare and you should inquire about these services to see if they will fit the needs of your trip. If this is not a viable option, you will need to find a trustworthy service that will be at the ready when you land in town.

Making sure you can place trust in a childcare provider that will prioritize safety and your child’s needs is priority one. Without experience in the destination city, this can be something of a game of research. Thankfully, professional nanny agencies have services that can cover this exact need.

For instance, if you were traveling to the Seattle area, we provide corporate care services that were designed to fit this need. This form of childcare service can take place at your hotel, or daily activities can be planned to take your child out. For those children enrolled in online learning, your professional nanny will help maintain these schedules. Add to this, the service is available late into the day, and can even extend into the night.

While the convenience is there with this service, so is the experience and safety. Specialized agencies like ours have fully vetted and prepared professional nannies on staff that can offer this pre-planned or last-minute care. With over 25 years of experience, we have developed processes and relationships to make sure we have the best help on hand. These professionals have been background checked, verified references, positive work histories, and are even CPR certified.

Other Considerations While Traveling With Children On Business

If you need to be ready for various meetings and like to spend your downtime with your child, make sure you do put the business travel needs at the forefront. So, it is wise to plan this “hangout” time within a reasonable distance for you to respond to meeting requests in a timely manner.

While business needs are prioritized, do keep the rest of the trip fun. Planning some activities or outings, finding a hotel with a pool, or even just popping in to see a movie can make all the difference for your child. A little one on one time can go a long way in making sure everyone on this trip is happy.