Carpe Ventum!

I90 PicAs summer fades and we head into fall it’s easy to get stuck in school and work routine and forget there’s still time for fun! I challenge you to keep making memories and taking fun trips while we still have the beautiful weather, it’ll be gone before we know it. We are so lucky to have I-90 at our doorstep since it is sprinkled with fun and educational stops. Pick a couple that make a nice loop and make it a day trip!

I set out a couple weeks ago with my husband and dog in tow to check some of the out. My first stop, well, second if you stop at the Thorp Fruit Stand, was the Wild Horse Wind Farm! The wind farm sits about 16 miles east of Ellensburg, and if you come in the back way via the Vantage Highway, you won’t be disappointed by the view!

Wild Horse Wind Farm InstaAs soon as you turn into the drive way you can see miles – 10,000 acres to be exact – of 221 foot tall wind towers and the 129 foot wing span of the turbine! The 149 turbines were first turned on in 2006, the largest wind farm to date can make approximately 273 megawatts of electricity – that’s enough to power 80,000 homes! Wild Horse is also has the largest number of solar panels in the state. The visitor center is a beautiful building with a full 360 view of the surrounding area. The visitor center is not full of things to buy or any gimmicks, it is solely there for education. There is a place for kids to sit and color and hands on activities to teach children about electricity and how much power it takes to power a single light bulb.

While you are there you can hike, bike ride, or even go horseback riding (horse not provided) through their immense and ever growing trails. They also offer nature hikes to learn about the plants, animals, and the habitat that Wild Horse sits on. They offer tours through the facility, grounds, and you even get to go into a wind-mill. Side note: their bathrooms are always immaculate! I have been there several times and each time, the bathroom has been exceptionally clean and big enough to haul kids in and out of.

So, as one of their plaques say “Carpe Ventum” (seize the wind)!

Come back on Friday for 2 more fun stops along the I90 corridor!