How to stay productive and healthy while keeping a social distance!

How to stay productive and healthy while keeping a social distance!

We are all going through some uncertain times and adjusting to living life a little differently for a while. The best thing that we can do it stay positive and maintain a healthy lifestyle during this time. We are striving to take this time to read that book you have been wanting to get to or use that yoga mat that been sitting in the corner of the room. We can even start to take this time to get some spring cleaning done.

Read a book or write out your thoughts!

Sometimes the best way to combat anxiety is to write out our thoughts, feeling and even our goals. Take this time and really put down your thoughts, think about months from now you can look back and see everything you were able to overcome and accomplish. Another way to relax your mind may be reading a good book. Pick up that book you have been meaning to read, sit on the couch and go for it! It is not often we are given the time to sit down and reflect or do something for yourself. So, take this time while we have it and mark some of those books off your to read list.

Stay Active!!

Making sure you keep your body moving is very important for your mental and physical health. The weather has been so beautiful lately take advantage of that and go for a walk as long as you are continuing to distance yourself from others! There are also so many at home workout options including videos that are easy to follow along to! Take your soccer ball in your backyard that you haven’t used in years and see if you can get back to your goal of juggling. Whatever it is just make sure you are doing your best to stay active right now!

Spring Cleaning!!

It is officially spring and I don’t know about you but as the sun is shining in my windows I can see all of the areas that I have apparently been avoiding dusting. You now how the time to make your home sparkle! Go through your clothes and get rid of anything unnecessary for the upcoming weather change. Or the notorious “junk drawer” that no matter what house you live  in there seems to  always be a drawer designated for just about anything that doesn’t have another home. Wherever your house is needing attention right now you have the time to give it!

Currently, we have so many resources to stay in touch with everyone around us from social media to FaceTime. The best thing that we can do is stay positive during this time and respect all of those around us!