Is Back-up Care Saving You Peace of Mind?

Is Backup-care Saving You Peace of Mind?

Backup care is a great resource and we love that we have the ability to help families when they
are in a pinch or when their nanny has time off. Day to day can be unpredictable, kids get sick and can’t
go to daycare, nannies get sick or have time off and that’s where our Backupcare department comes in.
Many employers provide their employees with a certain number of hours per year for instances like this.
As of late we know that families are doing what they can to save money and use these benefits to the
fullest, we get it. Things are changing and everyone is doing what they can with what they are provided.
The biggest thing that we want to make sure of is that the children are still getting the best, most
consistent care as possible.

I highlight consistency. Children and consistency go hand in hand. We know a child thrives on a routine;
consistency is part of that. It can be very hard on kids to have multiple different nannies a month or even
a week. This is why permanent placement of a nanny is such an important, crucial decision. Your children
truly bond with these caregivers as the caregiver’s bond with your kids. With consistent care you know
the unique needs of your children are being met because your nanny knows them on a deeper level.
Consistency is needed for everyone involved, its beneficial for the parents, children as well as the nanny.
Being a caregiver for children is more than a job, and our caregivers count on that bond with the family
to help create a loving, nurturing environment for the kids.

Peace of Mind:
It can take a toll on everyone not having the certainty that you will have care the next day. Again, the
Backup care program is meant for those last-minute needs or week here and there care when our
nannies are taking time off. Relying on a program that doesn’t allows offer stability isn’t something that
helps to give us peace of mind at the end of the day.
Where here, at A Nanny for U we strive for stability and consistency and do everything that we can to
make sure that this happens even in the Backup care department, this isn’t something that other
agencies or companies strive for or can make happen. We are proud of the team we build and truly care
about the child’s well-being, which is why we feel so strongly about the consistency of care.
Just ask yourself if sacrificing consistency is worth saving some money in the long run, you know what’s best for your family and we are here to help!

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