Looking for a new fall adventure?

Did you know that fall is cranberry season?

Everyone always talks about Fall being the season for pumpkins, zucchini, or apples, but, it is also cranberry season! Cranberries reach their peak flavor and color in mid September and are harvested through mid November.  Washington State is the fifth largest cranberry producer in the country. There is a Cranberry Research Foundation and Museum in Long Beach that is powered by Washington State University. You can take walking tours to learn about the history of cranberry processing in Washington and maybe grab a cranberry treat! I took the tour last summer and I have to say, I was happy to geek out about my favorite Thanksgiving side dish!

This weekend they are hosting the 93rd annual Cranberrian Fair! There will be crafts, trolley and walking tours, you can visit the museum, and of course, learn about and eat cranberries!

Hope you enjoy!