Effective Communication Goals

Communication Goals

We touch on communication often throughout our posts on social media. If you call the office and speak with one of us, especially Rebecca you realize the importance of communication throughout working with A Nanny for U. Without communication we can’t form and maintain a quality, lasting relationship with our nannies or our families. Communication is key to success, when working with us but also outside of working with us as well.

It is so easy to forget how to truly and properly communicate with one another. We have our phones and can easily send an email or text instead of taking a little more time and picking up the phone or setting up an in-person meeting. Hey, I get it. I am guilty of such thing. Its efficient, quick, and easier. Easier isn’t always best, we learn that the best things are those that you must work for and its true. If you don’t put in the effort to connect and build a relationship with those around you, whether it be family, friends, colleagues, your boss. Then how do you expect to build a strong lasting relationship? You cannot have one without the other.

We continually stress the importance of communication when you work with us, either as a family or a nanny because we feel it is something that has diminished, especially with the advancements of technology.  We want to circle back and remind everyone the importance of presentation, how you represent yourself and the company that you work for, whether it is us or another agency. Confidence on and off the phone, with your voice and how well you can speak on yourself is all part of your presentation.

When is the last time you talked to your friend who moved away? Or called your parents or grandparents or siblings? Have you set up a review with your boss or superior so you can discuss issues that have been on your mind or see how you’re doing in your position? If not, think about it. Pick up the phone or schedule a meeting/review. You may be surprised on how beneficial it will feel for you, your boss and especially your loved ones.

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