Professional Nanny Resume Tips

You have just decided to use a placement agency for your next job, and you want someone to advocate on your behalf to ensure you will be matched with the right family. This is a great move! We want that for you as well!  


For us to be able to not only match you with the right family, but to also negotiate the best wage for you, your resume needs to stand out. This is how we differentiate you from other nannies and we cannot stress enough how important it is! 


To help with this process we have compiled a list of tips and an insight into what we look for! Make your resume truly speak volumes above the rest! 


Resume Format 

  • The header should include: Your first and last name, current city and state, phone number, and email address.  
  • Please make sure this information is up to date! On so many occasions we try and call a candidate and their phone is disconnected and it is disheartening, especially when we feel they are a great fit! 


PRO TIP: Listen to your voicemail to make sure it sounds professional. Most employers will choose whether to leave a message depending on level of professionalism.  


  • First section should be a summary statement. This statement should incorporate the skills and experiences that make you stand out. What makes you a good caregiver and why you are you in this field? 
  • Experience section:
    • List each position in chronological order starting with the most recent.  
    • What to include: last name of the family, the start and end date in mm/yyyy format, location, ages of kids, a quick summary of responsibilities (these can be bulleted).  
    • For daycare or other related childcare, include the name of the company you worked for in place of the family’s last name. 
  • Education section: Include the name of the school, degree, and year of graduation (or expected graduation). Include the year obtained for certifications. 


PRO TIP: Consider adding volunteer experience, this gives potential employers an inside look at your passions. 


Important Notes 

  • Avoid busy patterns and confusing layouts. 
  • Keep your resume one page 
  • Send to employers in a PDF format only. 
  • Continue to keep your resume updated to show employers you are prepared! 
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors! 
  • Stay consistent with your tenses. Past tense for previous positions. Present tense for your current position. 
  • Consistency and long-term employment stand out, recruiters are turned off by “job hoppers.” 


PRO TIP: “Job hoppers” is a term used by employers when applicants have a new job every year or less. It shows unreliability, lack of dedication, and overall makes the employer feel that you will always leave for something better. Our recommendation is to stay at a job for at least a year to show that you are willing to commit to a position.  


Our goal at A Nanny For U is that we find the best placement for you that leaving never crosses your mind. Please check out our TikTok for more resume tips from our owner, Rebecca! 


We are here to support you and want you to succeed! Our team is available to coach and assist you, so please reach out if you have any questions!