Quick Tip: Questions For Nannies During COVID

Hiring a nanny during COVID adds a few more interview questions that are pertinent during this time. It is important that both you and your nanny feel safe in this working relationship. While the nanny interview process has many specific questions regarding history, needs, and care (see here), COVID adds a few more.

Let’s look at a few.

  1. Will you follow COVID protocols for hygiene?
  2. The CDC recommends wearing a mask (unless the child is under 2 years old) is this ok with you?
  3. When outside the home, will you follow COVID limitations (physical distancing, no groups, indoor safety, no playdates, etc.)?
  4. Will you let us know if you travel outside of the local area?
  5. Will you let us know if you feel sick?
  6. Will you report to us immediately if the child looks/feels sick?
  7. Will you take the child’s temperature?
  8. If you feel you have been put at risk will you self quarantine as required?

Please feel free to add any other concerns you may have.

Here a few resources to keep up to date with:

CDC Guidelines

Seattle Area Guidelines

Also, be sure to research any guidelines recommended within your specific county.