Quick Tip: Schedule the Day – Working From Home & Home School

In today’s Quick Tip we will focus on a little sanity during the COVID quarantine/shutdown related lifestyle we all find ourselves in. A common situation for parents working from home at this time is also having kids in homeschool. While this can seem to be a juggling act worthy of center stage at the circus – a little scheduling can go a long way towards bringing back some sanity to your day.

Quick Tip: Make A Schedule

Making a schedule and creating a routine creates a healthy environment for all involved. The goal shouldn’t be to recreate the school schedule but should include time for school, breaks, activities, and family.

According to the Yale Child Study Center, creating a well-rounded routine will lead to a sense of control and comfort.

Some items to include:

  • Meals
  • Learning (Yale suggests 30-minute blocks are best for academics)
  • Breaks (including TV is fine)
  • Enriching Activities (skill-building, reading)
  • Physical Activities (inside/out)
  • Family Time

And while none of this may seem convenient, in most cases you are afforded the opportunity to move the scheduled tasks around to work with meetings or similar items where you need to focus on a given day.