Seattle nanny service says there’s an uptick in educators wanting to run pandemic pods

SEATTLE — Though many parents are wondering what school looks like this fall, many are already starting to set up a pandemic pod — a small group of students learning remotely together.

At least one nanny service is seeing an uptick of educators leaving behind brick and mortar schools and virtual learning to do a little mix of both on a smaller scale.

“They are coming in and asking ‘What do you have for me? and What’s going to work for me?'” said Rebecca Dyk, owner of nanny service A Nanny For U in Seattle. “They’re letting us be the experts instead of them going out and trying to sleuth out their own family, which feels scary and overwhelming to them in this environment.”

Dyk says this way everyone knows where everyone has been and can share the same standards of social distancing. She’s been busy hiring and placing quality educators in homes, most people have early education backgrounds. She says because a nanny is shared, it could be a reasonable cost for those concerned about the expense.

“Families need to put a couple of families together and look for a quality caregiver to share,” Dyk said. “I believe they’ll find it. I’m happy to consult and give them ideas, obviously at no charge just because anything we can do to educate or give them any ideas that will help allow them to get what they need is absolutely critical for us.”

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