So you have a temp nanny…now what?!

I find that families use our temporary services mostly for meetings, while they are at work, and the occasional date night. I have to say, those date nights are usually only 4 hours. Well, I am here to tell you that you deserve a date day! I know, you love your kids and want them to experience everything that life has to offer, but you and your significant other can only do that if you are rested and NOT burned out! Our temp nannies are able to work day or night, including on the weekends! This post is just for you, parents! WARNING : the below entry is for adults only!

On any given weekend, the first stop on any date has to be brunch! My go to is Ballard, the one neighborhood that has a multitude of different genres of food. Here are a couple of my favorite places; first, Hi-Life.  The Hi-Life is always changing their menu to offer seasonal fare – I do have to say their fall menu is my favorite, but I have yet to have something that I didn’t love! They use local, fresh ingredients, and they have delicious coffee!

The Hi Life restaurant in the historic Firehouse Number 18 build

Another great spot in Ballard is Percy’s, it’s a very cool restaurant (No, I am not ashamed of using that word) specializing in fresh juice cocktails! They make all of their tinctures, purées, and sour mix in house. If you are feeling adventurous, which I highly recommend, try their Mimosa Flight. You get a bottle of sparkling wine along with 4 different carafes of fresh juice, the current juice options are orange, grapefruit, bosc pear, and fresh apple. Jenene says their fried potatoes are to die for! Really, any place you go in Ballard is going to offer amazing food and libations that are sure to please even the pickiest eater.

Next up on your kid free day is something to get you moving, burn off all those delicious calories that you just ingested! Since we are in the heat of summer I say paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, anything to get you on the water!  There is a small business off of Westlake Ave called Northwest Outdoor Center. 20140324_Percy_And_Co_First_Edit_037I have rented kayaks from them and had a wonderful experience! The staff was very nice and really knowledgeable, they gave me tips and tricks to NOT fall into the water.

If you aren’t up for a trip out on the water you can take in a movie at Big Picture in downtown Seattle. This is no ordinary movie theater, most importantly, this theater is 21+. Not only do they have fresh made cocktails and spirits (with happy hour at 6:30p) but they also have the best white cheddar popcorn! During the movie a waiter comes to your seat, that I must say is pretty darn comfortable, and can bring you food and drinks straight to you, those days of missing parts of the movie for a refill are over! The best part is, unlike other movie theaters that have a similar business model to this one, the tickets are only $12 per person!

NW Kayak

So the next time you are wanting a date night, book a temp nanny and go instead for a date day! Spend the much needed quality time doing activities you cannot do with your kids. I would love to hear what other places and activities you do when your kids are otherwise occupied! Please feel free to leave comments below!

Until Next Week,