Starting a New Nanny Placement

Starting a New Placement

Placing Nannies with families is what we do every day, we know how to make sure to start your relationship the best way possible, here is a good tip for you!

Don’t compare to previous families!

Think about this as if you are talking to your new relationship about your ex, is that ever really a good idea? Everyone is different and every family is different. No mom wants to hear about how great the last mother you worked for was just as no new flame wants to hear about your good time with your ex. You may still have a great relationship with the past family and that is awesome! But make sure you are giving your new placement the time and grace it deserves as well.

This goes for nannies and families alike, if the family is constantly talking about their previous nanny and comparing you to them, that will rub you the wrong way and make you feel inferior, like you won’t be able to live up to their expectations.

The first few months in a new placement are crucial to truly building a trust and understanding of one another to build that lasting relationship!

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