Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety!

A very common expectation when being a nanny involves driving children to and from school or extra activities or family errands. If the family doesn’t provide a vehicle and you are using your own here are some things to keep in mind!

Car Seats & Booster:

Make sure they are fit correctly in your vehicle and are secure. IF the family is able try to have your own set so you don’t need to continuously move them in and out, this makes for simpler transportation and allows the seat to stay in the vehicle correctly place.

Car Maintenance:

Especially when using your own vehicle make sure that your car is properly maintained. Regular oil changes, making sure all your lights and blinkers are working properly and your tires are good to go. Knowing how to change a tire of course is a plus but having AAA or some sort of roadside assistance is also very important.

Believe it or not car maintenance also means keeping your car clean! Regular car washes and vacuuming on the inside as well. Your employer doesn’t want you driving their children around in a dirty car and this will also show how responsible you are as well!


Make sure you have full coverage on your vehicle to cover you and anyone in the car. Provide a copy of your insurance to your employer if they ask for it and of course you will need this information in case of any accident.


Lots of children get very excited on car journeys no matter the length. Providing some sort of entertainment for the children to stay entertained on the trip is important. Think books, coloring books, their favorite small toy or even a sing-a-long CD!

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