Why Parents of Pre-teens can’t keep nannies!

Or maybe it’s just me…

textSo as my kids have gotten older, I’ve had a much harder time keeping nannies.  They love our house and the kids at first; then slowly the kids take over and they become the worst version of themselves they (and us) have ever seen.

No offense nannies, I love so many of you and hope you all know that. My kids have learned from the best right? Mom: entrepreneur, successful business woman, manager of the household (at least from what they can see), and expert negotiator of life and everything our family needs. I am strong, confident, and very good at getting my way.  So are they…

I am glad that they will eventually take over the world! It is my hope that all these challenges will turn into amazing strengths someday as they turn into fully functioning adults. For now, it is a major mammoth pain in my behind!  Seriously? Stop with the crazy ideas that only come out the minute I walk out of the door on the poor, unsuspecting, sweet, kind, and caring nanny who aims to love kids and exceed the expectations of parents everywhere.

So I am stuck.  In a small town. Where amazing candidates are already limited due to the nature of the farming communities who are all about the do it yourself thing.  My staff has the special task of searching for fabulous candidates for me.  I can sure say that I relate better than ever before to my clients and their trials and tribulations. Parents, am I the only one?!? I would love to hear about your similar expereinces below.

In the meantime, wish me luck!