You are never “just” a nanny.

Dear Nannies, you are not “just” a nanny.

 Let’s face it, parenting is not easy. You are stepping into a hard role – managing a household and taking care of multiple children. Sometimes your days seem to drag on; you have good days and bad days. But let me just remind you: you are never “just” a nanny. Show up to your job with confidence. Dress like the professional you are. Love it and own it!

  1. How to dress: Nannies, you are in fact working with kids all day, so you need to be comfy and able to move around well. You are still the qualified nanny whom a family chose. Your experience and resume speaks to your credibility and so should the way you present yourself. We love when nannies show up looking presentable and ready to go for the day! Using the “dress for success” still stands strong with your nanny job. 
  1. Resume: Resumes are so important! This document reflects your experience with kids, your background, and gives you the chance to highlight your strengths and abilities. Just like any resume, you have to tailor your experience based on the job you are applying to. More times than not, we receive business resumes that do not reflect any childcare work. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen! We want to see the different families you have worked with, for how long, how many kids and the ages, and what your duties were. Don’t sell yourself short on your amazing childcare experiences! We want to see it all. 🙂
  1. Attitude: A flexible, “can do” attitude is valued as an employee. Life is unpredictable.  Working with children requires even more of a positive attitude. Families value employees who are capable of adjusting to a last minute change of plans. A great attitude can help elevate your work environment and your experience as a nanny.