10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Nanny Can Relate To

Nannies, are you already feeling overwhelmed for the new year!? We are here to help! We have brainstormed 10 New Year’s Resolutions that will help you  get healthy, organized, and more fashionable this upcoming year. Cheers!

1. Stop eating all the kid snacks.

2. Invest in a pair of rain boots and go puddle jumping.

3. Make some nanny friends.

4. Try new recipes even the pickiest eater will love.

5. Become a laundry folding ninja.

6. Teach the charges some manners.

7. Clean your nanny family’s pantry and organize the cans alphabetically.

8. Don’t wear leggings to work everyday.

9. On second thought, think of new outfit combos to get away with wearing leggings to work every day.

10. Celebrate the rock star you are! You take care of kids for a living and that takes mad skills!


Image: Featured photo/Flickr, GIFs/Giphy