3 Ways to Keep Easter Magical

3 Ways to Keep Easter Magical 

In my household the Easter Bunny was as magical as the Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and even Santa Clause. We would get up on Sunday morning and there would be an Easter basket filled with a chocolate bunny, activity books, and jellybeans.

Although Easter will be celebrated a bit different this year due to social distancing, here are 3 ways to keep it magical for the kids.

The Night Before 

Like Santa Clause, we always made an offering to the Easter bunny and would put out a glass of water and a plate of carrots. When we woke up in the morning most of the carrots would be gone with only a couple of bites left.

Add a letter! We would ask the Easter bunny questions like how long does it take you to travel from house to house? Where are you going next? What is your favorite Easter candy?

Getting responses to our questions made us feel so special and Easter felt much more interactive!

Easter Basket 

With so many choices and ideas being promoted for kids’ Easter baskets, these are my top 5 I always loved getting!

A chocolate bunny is a must have! I always preferred the hollow ones as the solid chocolate bunnies were almost too much for me and usually had me bouncing off the walls.

Chalk?! Yes please! With the weather getting warmer this a great outdoor activity that will keep them captivated for hours and help with creativity. I personally think egg chalk is superior to regular chalk because it is so much fun to use!

A small item of clothing, a t-shirt, or a pair of leggings that you will know your kid will love! I always wanted to wear mine that day, so my parents had to be thoughtful about what to put it in. Most of the time I got a bright pair of leggings or a new Easter shirt that I could show off to my family!

A new book! The Tale of Peter Rabbit will always be a classic and one that should be in your child’s library! If you already own this one, check out this list of Easter books for kids! Easter Book List

Lastly, a toy will complete this basket! Nerf guns were usually included because we could play with the cousins in the afternoon, but I received a stuff bunny until I was old enough to participate. There are so many options for toys – I could continue, but you know your child best!

Easter Egg Hunt 

This was my favorite part of Easter! Beating all of my cousins to all of the eggs and getting the most candy. Being three years old than the second oldest cousin had its advantages and I was soon being held back to allow for 30 second head starts, being able to only get eggs at certain heights, and overall it just took the fun out of the game.

I’ve seen many suggestions popping up on Pinterest, but the best one I’ve seen so far is the color-coding egg hunt. Each child is assigned a different colored egg and you can only collect those eggs.

It makes it fairer as there are an equal number of eggs, but it also sparks cooperation as many of the older kids will point out colored eggs to the younger kids. I can also say it makes it more difficult as it really becomes a hunt when you know you are missing an egg but cannot find it. Doing it this way helps the older kids still feel like it’s a fun activity without them taking it over completely.

We hope these ideas helped bring some of the magic back and wish you a safe and happy Easter!