First Impressions: How to Set Yourself Apart in an Interview


So, you’ve made it this far and you are about to interview with a family, potentially THE family you’ll be placed with. You want to stand out and let them know that you are the best choice but feel a little lost on how to do so. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Immediate communication.

As soon as your agency secures your interview, call the family! Be excited and let them get a glimpse into who you are. This can open the door before you even arrive. Verify the interview date, time, and and be sure to ask if there is anything special to note about the address. This can remove avoidable problems.

Be prepared with your own set of questions.

It goes without saying that the parents will have questions for you, which may lead to your own in response. However, we suggest you have a list of factors that matter to you (parenting styles, communication preferences, etc.). Carefully think them through and have collected, put-together questions that will not come across as material or superficial.

Interact with the children separately from the parents.

When it seems appropriate, perhaps even post interview, we suggest you introduce yourself to the kids. It’s important that they connect with you as well! Often times, we hear back from the parents that they loved meeting the nanny but the children had no feedback because no connection was made. We don’t want this to happen. When you leave, the entire family should feel on the same page.

Bring your resume and letters of recommendation.

Yes, by the time your interview takes place, the family will have read over both your resume and letters of recommendation. But if your goal is to present yourself as professional and aware (and it should be!), than providing another set for them to have in hand is an excellent way to do so.

Be prepared with your child- rearing philosophies.

You make think it’s best to tell the parent that you’ll adopt whatever method they prefer, but that isn’t the case. It is vital that you know your own beliefs and are knowledgeable about your approach. Provide a definitive outline of your opinions and philosophies.  When an emergency occurs or you don’t have time to think, it’s human nature to defer to what you know and believe. And that is ok! The family wouldn’t want you to be anything but the genuine version of you in order to land the position.


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