Celebrate Your Nanny During National Nanny Recognition Week

Families, agencies and communities have celebrated National Nanny Recognition Week since 1998 to recognize the outstanding work of nannies and childcare providers. National Nanny Recognition Week is observed on the last week of September, falling on September 23-29 this year. Join us in celebration to acknowledge and thank all the outstanding nannies for their childcare contributions!

Here are some of the best ways to show your nanny how much you appreciate and value the care they provide to your children and the work they do for your family.

Make Something Special: Have your child get crafty and make your nanny something she’ll truly cherish! This could be a memory book filled with fun activities the nanny and child have done, a decorated picture frame with a photo of them, or a homemade trinket like a bracelet your nanny can wear.

Give Time Off: Show your nanny appreciation by giving them an unexpected paid day off. Encourage them to do something they’ve been wanting to do, but needing the time for.

Take Your Nanny to Dinner: To add a personal touch and spend quality time with your nanny, surprise them by taking them out to lunch or dinner. If you prefer to stay at home, have the family prepare your nanny a homemade meal and enjoy conversation at your dining table.

Write a Thank You Card: A special and effective way to show your nanny how much they are appreciated is by writing them a card to tell them how valued they are to your family. Have your child contribute by writing a special note, a favorite memory of them together, or decorating the card.

Invest in Your Nanny’s Professional Development: Assist your nanny in furthering her childcare career through education. The International Nanny Association (nanny.org) is one of the in home childcare associations that offer annual conferences that provide attendees with educational and networking opportunities. Consider paying for your nanny to attend one of these career developing events. Advancing their education will benefit you both, as well as make a great gift.

Surprise Your Nanny With Their Favorite Things: Does your nanny have a love for chocolate, coffee, concerts or shopping? How about a favorite hobby? Arrange a few of their favorite things in a gift basket and present it to them during this week. This makes a great personalized gift, and will show your nanny you really know and care about them!

Pampering: If you want to make your nanny feel relaxed and rejuvenated, send them to get pampered. This could be anything from a manicure, facial, or spa treatment. We can’t think of any nanny who would turn this down!

We hope you found inspiration from this post for ways to celebrate your nanny for National Nanny Recognition Week! We would love your tips and ideas for how you have/plan to recognize your nanny!