Essential Halloween Safety!

Halloween Safety!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we are so excited to trick or treat, collect candy, and watch the little ones run around in their costumes! Read below to learn quick and essential Halloween safety tips!

It all starts with the costumes! Remember, we live in Washington and rain on Halloween is always a possibility. When deciding what to dress up, ensure sure you can incorporate rain jackets, warm clothing, and comfortable shoes so you can walk or run from house to house easily. Since children will be on sidewalks and crossing streets, incorporate reflective tape on their costumes which makes them easier to see.

Always keep an eye on the children while they are trick or treating! If there are younger children, consider going earlier while it is still light outside because it is easier to keep an eye on them. It is also less likely children will fear older kid’s costumes or the decorations around homes.

If your children are older and you are allowing them more freedom, provide them with a way to contact you in case they go too far ahead. Cell phones or even a walkie talkie is an easy way for them to contact you! They should also know appropriate emergency numbers to contact.

At the end of the night, children will be tired, yet super excited to go through and eat their candy! Set up rules beforehand with them about how much they are allowed to eat. Explain to them they can have more later in the week! Sort out their candy with them later that evening; This is something fun for them and allows you to check that treats are safe for consumption.

Happy Trick or Treating!