Gain Childcare Experience

Gain Experience

It isn’t a shock that you cant get a job without experience, especially when it comes to working with children. If being a nanny is something that you are wanting to pursue or plan to do throughout school think, how can I do it? Below are a few simple things to do to help your chances and gain that experience.


There are community centers and churches, even helping family friends or neighbors who are in need a of a date night here and there. Yes it may not pay but it is getting your name out there and gaining the experience with those close to you who will trust you with their children. Lots of new moms want a mother’s helper, someone who can be alongside them as they are navigating their new life.  Getting your foot in the door is the important part and building your references. We all start somewhere!

Start Young:

Start babysitting in highschool on the weekends or during the summer. You help those families in need and get some extra cash in your pocket. Boom! You will already be starting off with some childcare experience in your back pocket and show that you are a hardworking individual.

Take a Course/Get Certification:

You can take nanny related courses and get CPR/First aid certified on your own time. Take a class to ease your mind that you would know what to do in case of emergency. If you don’t end up using it for being a nanny its always great knowledge to have no matter what!

These are all simple steps you can take so when on an interview and asked about your experience or references. You will be ready!

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