Life After Having A Baby – Fantasy vs Reality

Having a baby for the first time is one of the greatest gifts in the world. Being a first time mother is by far one of the most rewarding jobs, but it can also be very challenging. This is going to be a year of so many unknowns! What you expect to happen probably won’t happen and things that you never thought you would experience will take place. You’re going to Google things you never imagined. You’re going to smell things your nose wished you could take back. One day you’re going to feel tired, then next you’ll feel elated, and the next, who knows? Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Even through all the stress, worry and unexpected moments, this is going to be one of the best years of your life. It’s just important to know that all of these indescribable experiences you are having are normal. Most new moms are feeling exactly the same way you are. So, let’s take a moment at poke fun at the silly realities of having a baby for the first time. You know you will be laughing at these moments one day.

Body after baby

Fantasy: “I’ll get my body back for sure!”

Reality: “Did someone say food?”

Style after baby

Fantasy: “I’m going to rock these mom jeans!”

Reality: “Thank god leggings are still in style.”

Getting ready in the mornings after baby

Fantasy: “I don’t even look like I’m tired.”

Reality: “At least I’m only going to be 15 minutes late this time.”

Sleep after baby

Fantasy: “I’m going to have a baby that sleeps all night long.”

Reality: “4 hours of sleep?! HELL YEAH”

Date night after baby

Fantasy: “A fancy steak restaurant? I would love that!”


Reality: “Can you turn the TV up please?”

First time going out after baby

Fantasy: “I got a babysitter, so let’s have a glass of wine.”

Reality: “I swear I’m only going to have one glass of wine.”

Hygiene after baby

Fantasy: “Ooh the baby is asleep; I’ll take a shower right now.”

Reality: “I can go 5 days without a shower, right?”

Eating after baby

Fantasy: “Sure honey, I’ll have dinner ready by 6:00pm.”

Reality: “Hi, I’d like to order one large pepperoni pizza please.”

Image: Featured photo/Flickr, GIFs/Giphy