Meet Abbie!

Up Close & Personal:  An Interview with A Nanny for U

Placement Consultant & Recruiter, Abbie MacRae


What was it that led you to join the team at A Nanny for U?

While I was going to school at Central Washington University over in Ellensburg, I worked part-time in the drive through at Starbucks. Rebecca Dyk, our ANFU owner, was a regular customer (“Iced Grande no-whip Mocha”). I got to know her when she drove through each day.  As I was choosing what I wanted to do after graduation, I decided that I would move to Seattle and become a nanny, so I contacted Rebecca to see if her agency had any nanny positions open.  While applying, I noticed that she was also hiring for a recruiter position. Being a psychology major it seemed like a wonderful opportunity!  So, when she called to interview me for a nanny position, I asked if instead I could interview for the recruiting position—thankfully she agreed!

What’s your favorite part about working at ANFU?

So many things! Making placements is such a rewarding feeling.  Finding that rare gem of a nanny that fits all the things families are looking for, and in turn helping a nanny find a family that is going to take great care of them is a feeling you can’t beat!  The office atmosphere is another thing you won’t find anywhere else.  Our team is so supportive of one another, and never afraid to have a little fun together!

Tell us a little bit about your family (we hear that you are a pretty tight-knit bunch!)

Family has always been an important part of my life.  All my family members live about 2 hours east of Seattle (in Ellensburg), so unfortunately, I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like (especially when the pass gets as snowy as it has been recently!).  However, we make use of Facetime often!  My parents have always been my number 1 supporters, and are always there to ask advice when needed.  My sisters also live in my hometown with their husbands and kids.  I have one 3 yo nephew, and three nieces: 2.5 yo, 1 yo, and 8 mo.  Another baby will be joining the gang in June and I can’t wait!

Rumor has is that friends call you “The Baby Whisperer.”  What’s that all about?

Ever since I was little, I have always loved babies.  I actually still have all my baby dolls stored somewhere at my parents’ house.  When I was 8 years old, my triplet cousins were born.  There are home videos of me taking complete care of one of the babies; changing diapers, changing outfits, feeding and burping them, all with no direction.  I have always had the gift of being able to soothe just about any crying baby.  At family gatherings growing up, you could find me giving moms a break by holding their babies throughout the event.  Recently on a flight, a mom was traveling alone with her 1 year-old and I spent about half the flight with him on my lap so she could get a bit of a break.  I take any opportunity to get my “baby fix!”

Finish this sentence:  On the weekends, we will likely find you…

Trying out a new dinner recipe with my boyfriend, Jarred.  We also like to try out new spots too, but when the day is done, Flatstick Pub is still our favorite!

What are you know for?

Being “All natural Abbie!”  A few years back I removed all chemicals from my house, and replaced them with DIY all natural cleaners.  I am a huge believer in essential oils, which I used to replace all my toxic candles. I always carry my go-to’s (peppermint, lavender and thieves) with me.  At home, my diffuser is always running.  I also have a dream to build and live in a tiny house, with a place for a big garden!

What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

A few weeks back my sisters, mom and all the kids came to stay with me at my apartment for the weekend.  With that many people (and half of them being under the age of 3), it was a pretty hysterical weekend!  I was unaware that my niece had recently decided she was scared of cats, so when they arrived at my apartment, the first thing she saw was my kitten, Duke.  Loud screams in the hall outside my apartment proceeded, after we had just spent 5 minutes in the car explaining to her the importance of quiet voices.  Needless to say, my neighbors were very aware of my guests!  Luckily, they were all good sports about it.

What inspires you?

My parents.  They have been such wonderful role models to me and my sisters.  They both have always worked hard and provided us a stable and loving home.  They taught us the importance of serving others, working hard, and what a strong marriage looks like.  They are both willing to drop whatever they are doing to support their family, and I hope one day to be able to provide the same type of loving and supportive home for my own family.


Thanks, Abbie, for opening up and sharing with us!  Be sure to check out next month’s blog, where we will introduce another rock star member of our team…Serena!