Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Sustainable Gift Wrapping

The Holiday season it upon us. That means lots of time with family, snow, decoration, holiday cheer and wrapping! Every year about 2.3 million pounds of wrapping paper ends up in the landfill, meaning the most wonderful time of the year is also one of the most wasteful. There are many ways to help this statistic, below we share some ideas to help make your wrapping a bit more sustainable!


This could be using a tea towel to wrap around and tie a bow. There are many cute holiday prints at a fair cost to help elevate your gift and maintain the surprise. It doesn’t have to be a tea cloth it can be any square cloth that you feel works to obtain this effect!

Reusable Gift Bags:

We all do our best to bring our bags to the grocery store and here is a way to give a gift and reusable bag all in one! There are reusable totes everywhere in all types of designs and prints now so finding them shouldn’t be hard!

Kraft Paper:

Most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable so kraft paper is a great way to make sure you can recycle what you use, and it always you the freedom to decorate however you choose! You can keep it simple with whatever color you choose and a ribbon. Have your child decorate it, give them some paint, and let them go at a big batch of paper for you to then be able to wrap with. Gather some greenery from outside and tuck into your ribbon. Really the options are endless when using simple kraft paper. Everyone will love this unique and thoughtful wrapping!


You can even use newspaper, find whatever section you think fits, comic, lifestyle, whatever you like! Then polish it off with a bright red ribbon or bow! Boxes are also a more sustainable way to wrap a gift as these are recyclable. You can also find lots of fun holiday prints if you search early! Another great way to “wrap” a gift is presenting it in a beautiful jar. Again, a cute way to present mixes or jams with a cinnamon stick, candy cane or more greenery on top!

Check out our Pinterest to see some more fun ideas for sustainable wrapping!


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