Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day!

Valentines’ day is approaching and there are so many fun things to do with the kids! Below are some fun ideas to be festive and creative!

  1. Homemade Cards for the parents.

Parents love nothing more than seeing their children’s work and kids love to create something and feel the satisfaction when they see their parents smile. It is a great way to fill a rainy afternoon and engage with some arts and crafts with the kids, no matter their age there are plenty of ideas out there!

  1. Have a bake day!

Chat with the kids and plan a day where you will bake. Kids love to feel included in activities that are so “adult” and of course who doesn’t love to eat some yummy treats? Think of a plan and the best things that they can help with while staying safe. These treats can be sweet, savory and healthy! It is also a great way to teach them the importance of measurements and how to use some kitchen tools. Plus, you get a to a enjoy some treats as a result!

  1. Have a “date day” with your little Valentine.

Plan the best day with all their favorite activities and snacks, just as a fun little way for them feel special and show how much they mean to you!

For some fun craft and baking ideas check out our Pinterest!

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