Ways to Show Gratitude Towards your Nanny

Ways to Show Gratitude Towards your Nanny

Your caregivers invest lots of time and energy to pour love and care into our children. That being said it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication that our nannies have. Acknowledging this hard work fosters a positive relationship as well as helps to build the nurturing environment that our children our in. Nannies play an invaluable role in our lives and taking the time to express gratitude towards them goes a long way.

Make it a regular occurrence:
Making our nanny feel welcome in our homes is the first step in showing gratitude. However long they
are with the kids throughout the day they should be comfortable in the space to provide the best care
they can. Verbal appreciation goes a long way, acknowledging that they are doing a good job and you
appreciate all their hard work and efforts mean a lot to your nanny. They want to make sure you are
happy with the care they are providing and letting them know will boost their confidence and ability to
provide amazing care.

Respect boundaries and time:
We all get stuck in traffic or have to stay late at work every once in a while, and more than likely your
nanny will be happy to be flexible for these situations. Just make sure you are letting them know how
much you appreciate their flexibility, if it seems to be happening a lot then maybe have a chat with
adjusting schedules to better fit everyone’s needs. This will help your nanny to understand that you
aren’t trying to take advantage of their kindness or flexibility.

Spend intentional time:
Invite your nanny to join you and your family for dinner sometime, so everyone can bond and spend
quality time together, this can be dinner in the home or going out somewhere special to eat. Your nanny will appreciate that you want to included them and your kids will have a blast hanging out with all of their favorite people! Another way to bond and spend time with your nanny is going out to coffee, this is a great way to have a good review session while also spending time together in a low-key environment.

It’s the small things:
Little acts of kindness go a long way, after a particularly hard week or month maybe a gift certificate to get her nails done or a surprise afternoon off is something to consider. She will respect your
acknowledgement and will help let them reset. Depending how long your nanny has been with you, you probably have a good idea of her hobbies, favorite coffee or stores. Whether it’s her birthday or not a morning coffee surprise or gift card to her favorite place is a great way to show your appreciation. She will realize you listen when having conversation and it shows that you care for her.
While there are many ways to show your appreciation, some of which are above the best way is through kindness. From you and from the children. Everyone should be treated with mutual respect and kindness. 

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