What to do with Leftover Holiday Candy

What to do with Leftover Holiday Candy

During the Holidays, children have fun trick or treating, attending school parties, family gatherings, and receiving gifts. One common theme amongst all of these is the amount of candy being shared! This is all way more sugar than you’re ever going to go through or let your children go through. So, what should you do? There are tons of different options, and I will mention some below!

Switch Witch:

This is newer to me, but I have been seeing it all over the place and it sounds like such an easy way to let the kids make their own decision. The poem goes as follows:

“I’m known as the Switch Witch and I come on Halloween,

I love to take candy and won’t cause a fright.

In exchange for your candy, I leave you a gift,

A fun little treat sure to give your day a lift.

So, thanks for the goodies and I promise to share,

 with all the Switch Witches back at my lair.”

Ultimately, you let the kids pick a few of their favorite candies to keep and enjoy and they give up the rest for a small gift that won’t keep them bouncing off the walls!

Whether or not you choose to incorporate the Switch Witch there are organizations that you can use to have the kids sell back their candy. Explain to them that they have much more than they may need and there are places that they can give their candy to that will allow others to join in on the Halloween spirit as well. Below is a link to find some buyback programs near you!

Halloween candy buyback programs around Seattle | Seattle’s Child (seattleschild.com)

If your kids are having a hard time giving up their candy, then try to incorporate it in other ways. You can fill a jar with similar candy and have them guess how many are in the jar. This is a fun lesson of estimation and can be an activity used at parties as well, (the winner can take it home). Or use the candy for art projects, save the candy that makes sense for future gingerbread houses or even as fillings for birthday party goody bags! There are tons of fun ways to help you through all that Halloween candy. You can also check out our Pinterest for some more fun ideas!