Why Being a Summer Nanny is the Best!

Are you looking to round out your childcare experience and gain references for a range of ages this summer? Come join A Nanny For U! Not only is it fun to work with kids all summer, but getting paid to do it? What could be better?!

We offer our nannies full-time hours with evenings and weekends off, and daily support of a professional organization.

As an employee of A Nanny for U we offer: 

  • Benefits after 90 days for full-time employees: medical, PTO & holidays
  • Continual support, guidance, and communication from your employers
  • Competitive pay based on experience, with the opportunity for advancement


There are so many wonderful benefits to being a nanny!

  1. There is an endless list of activities that you can do with the kids during the summer! Kid’s imagination has no limit and encouraging this by playing is definitely the most fun you can have this summer! Really, the possibilities are endless!
    -Create a pirate’s map and set up a scavenger hunt for them outside, it will keep them entertained for hours and you can soak up the sunshine!
    -Do the kids have a lot of energy? Create a contest for the older kids to see who can run a made-up obstacle course the fastest! This encourages outdoor play, a large amount of activity, and you get to get creative!


  1. Many families are okay with outings and have adventurous kiddos! Taking them to parks or nearby beaches is just as much fun for you as it is for them! Watching kids explore and have new experiences is just a perk to being a nanny! What job allows you to take a fieldtrip and still get to enjoy yourself?


  1. Lastly, how many co-workers or bosses are genuinely happy to see you? The relationships you build with the children are almost second to none. Knowing the adventures that await them each day will make them excited to see you as soon as you knock on the door. How many people can say they are excited to go to work each day?


If you are energetic, warm, and friendly, we would love to hear from you. This position is the perfect steppingstone for you if you already have experience with kids in group settings such as daycare, camp counseling, or preschool teaching.

Our professional team is here to support you and vet through the families, so you are always in a great placement. While staying active and playing with kids in the gorgeous summer weather, it will hardly feel like a job at all!

Previous childcare experience and references are required to be eligible.

Compensation includes:

  • Full-time hours, plus opportunities for over-time.
  • Earn $2,800-$3,200 a month this summer!

Please apply on our jobs page if you are interested! We would love to hear from you!