Why go through A Nanny for U During the COVID19 Crisis

  1. Daycare/School closures

Currently, schools and most daycares around the state are closed until the end of April. This change in our community has left a countless number of people without work and most, without an income. We have shifted our commitment requirements throughout our agency to help people find temporary work until they can go back to work. We are working with YOU and want to help. Many teachers already have interviewed with us and are excited to continue helping kids learn. It truly is the perfect match to help teachers who are not working and kids who are not in school. This situation is new to everyone to if you are a teacher, daycare provider or anyone with previous childcare experience who is looking for a job, we urge you to give us a call and we can figure this out together.


  1. Vetting through families and nannies

Making sure no one is sick and prioritizing families who are really in need is our number one priority. We understand that young children get sick often but with everything going on we are not taking any chances and are only care for the healthy families and children. Another priority of ours is to help the families most in need of care. This means we are prioritizing the families of healthcare professionals and first responders. We are so appreciative of them and we wouldn’t be able to help those who need it without everything that they are doing to help our community.


  1. Flexibility in helping with all needs

Right now, everyone is faced with the unknown. Things are changing every day as we get updates and new information. Over the past week we have talked with many Seattle community members in all industries looking for work. As an agency wanting to help our community, A Nanny for U is devoted to doing our best in helping all situations. We are here to listen. We are here to help. And we are here to place people who have childcare experience with our amazing families.


We are so thankful that we are able to help our community during this time. As a small business we are very grateful that we are able to provide care for the families that are in need. We are also very glad that we are able to help provide jobs for those who may be out of work during this time.