The nannies that come on board with A Nanny for U are much more than just online profiles. We take a great deal of pride in building a relationship with you – we get to know you, we advocate for you and we bring forth job opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. We are an ongoing resource after placement, and we stay connected through our fun nanny networking events!

why ANFU?

We have built an amazing network of clients and families whose job opportunities are diverse and offer competitive salaries and benefits. We place nannies, newborn care specialists, housekeepers, house managers and personal assistants.


All of our caregivers must be experienced, well educated, balanced, open, flexible, friendly, and have a genuine love for children! We conduct a rigorous screening process and require all of our caregivers to meet a strict list of qualifications and background checks. Our compassionate approach, our thorough process and our reputation have made us a premier placement agency in the PNW.


If you are employed in a permanent, long-term position as a caregiver, you will receive professional benefits like guaranteed pay, paid vacation, sick leave, and holidays. Some families will offer additional benefits as a part of their overall compensation.

are there fees?

You will never be required to pay a fee to be placed with our agency.


  • Permanent Nanny – $20-30 per hour
  • Temporary Nanny – $20-25 per hour
  • Newborn Care Specialist – $35-50 per hour
  • Household Manager – $3500-5000 per month
  • Housekeeper – $35-50 per hour (4 hour shift minimum)

let's network!

We coordinate regular nanny networking events that range from the adventurous to the relaxing. Our staff and nannies also team up to volunteer at events such as the St. Patrick’s Day Dash and more.

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