Finding The Best Nanny Jobs In Seattle

Whether an experienced career nanny or someone just starting out, finding the best nanny job in the Seattle area is of primary concern. Your options may be directly linked to your skills and experience, but once you’re in you’ll want to have the best possible experience on the job itself. This is where finding the right placement becomes highly important.

Mindset and Skills

No matter how you are approaching your next nanny job, some basic framework needs to be in place. This all starts with you. At the core of the job is your responsibility to the family you are providing services for. Your actions as a nanny affect several lives in the loop.

Your Mindset

There are core intrapersonal skills that must be brought to the forefront. Having these will ensure that the best jobs are offered to you. These core foundational skills include:

  • Dependability
  • Maturity
  • Communication
  • Positive Energy
  • Adaptability
  • Focus
  • Patience
  • Safety Oriented

With these skills in motion, even those candidates with little experience can bring themselves to the forefront during job interviews. Seattle has many nanny placement agencies, but no matter who you choose – these core skills will set you apart.

Your Skillset

Once the professional nanny mindset has been established, your skillset is the next half of your eligibility for the best nanny job in Seattle. Foundational skills include experience with children.

This experience comes in many forms. You should at least have a history of caring for children that are either your own or from babysitting. Some on the job experiences from relevant fields can also set you above the rest. Some of these past work experiences can include things such as a nurse, teacher, school counselor, or at a daycare.

Of course, highly experienced nannies with a long history, references, and the mindset to match will be premiere candidates.

Safety Certifications

Another part of the skills required to land these types of jobs includes basic safety certifications. Being certified in CPR and first-aid are usually standard basic requirements. Those with additional certifications in subjects such as Early Childhood Development and Newborn Care can again stand out from the rest.

Note: Background Checks

Professional Seattle nanny placement agencies will have some form of background check that you must pass. This checks for things such as driving records, criminal history, and childcare references.

Here is an example of what the candidates here at A Nanny For U must possess:

All of our caregivers must be highly skilled and experienced, well educated, balanced, open, flexible, friendly, and have a genuine love for children.

Our caregivers must meet the following requirements:

    • 3 professional child care references from non-relatives
    • At least 2 years experience in a child care setting
    • Long-term commitment required, at least 1 year (permanently placed caregivers)
    • Must have own car with full coverage auto insurance
    • Must successfully complete required CPR class
    • Must be a non-smoker
    • Proof of legal US citizenship
    • Background Check

You can learn more about being a nanny with us here.

On The Job

While you might have the perfect lineup of mindset and skillset, on the job performance will quickly be the determining factor in keeping the job- as well as your future reference options from this experience.

It is understood that nannies are unique, each providing their own approach. It must also be understood that no two families are alike – this is where flexibility and communication quickly come into play.

The next most important thing is punctuality and dependability. Families depend on their chosen care provider to be there on time in order for their daily lives to move forward in a structured way. This is part of the promise they receive from the nanny placement agency. You are the one that fulfills this promise.

Daily Activities

Approaching the daily activities with the children and thier families takes into account both the unique needs of the family you are connected with, as well as your ability to nurture and care for the child. Activities performed by the best nanny candidates usually include:

  • Focusing on child safety
  • Learning and developmental activities
  • Intellectual involvement
  • Adhering to the house rules
  • Household management

Putting It All Together

Finding the best nanny job in Seattle can be somewhat competitive, for the best placement and agency. It is this combination of skills that will land you the right job. When you come in well-armed for the position you can expect fast placement in the right household.

When all of those ducks are in a row, the job itself becomes rewarding, fun, and you will make a positive impact on the child’s life. After all, the child is at the core of the entire job role.


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