Get Organized…Enough

Inventory – not just for retail stores! Know what you have from clothes to paper towels. Neutral is good. Spend 10/15 minutes each night getting your house back to “neutral”. Quality over quantity. Pay a little more for a higher quality item. Schedule daily tasks. Monday: vacuum, Tuesday: sweep, Wednesday: skip day… Don’t tackle too […]

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Why Choose a Placement Agency?

New to the world of nanny placement agencies?  Why is A Nanny for U any different than going to a website to search for childcare yourself?  ANFU Owner and proud parent, Rebecca Dyk, takes a moment to explain how hiring a placement agency can work to your benefit! Recruiting nannies is exhausting, time consuming, and can be […]

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Meet Brandi!

Brandi Lefebvre Up Close & Personal: An Interview with A Nanny for U’s After-Hours Coordinator, Brandi Lefebvre! Tell us a little about your background. I grew up in Mariposa California, a very small town, on a Llama Ranch! I have a large family and am the oldest of 4 kids. After I graduated high school […]

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September Nanny Spotlight: Nataliya

We are pleased to honor Nataliya—one of our very own Backup Care Nannies—as this month’s Nanny Spotlight! Not only is Nataliya known for her prompt introductory calls, informative questions, and leaving a great first impression with every family, but she truly exemplifies what it means to be a fantastic nanny! Families cannot stop raving about […]

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