Carpe Ventum!

As summer fades and we head into fall it’s easy to get stuck in school and work routine and forget there’s still time for fun! I challenge you to keep making memories and taking fun trips while we still have the beautiful weather, it’ll be gone before we know it. We are so lucky to […]

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Hat ‘N’ Boots

Growing up in West Seattle, I had heard the tale of the giant boots and hat that lived somewhere in Georgetown. Well, last night I found them at Oxbow Park! I did a little research and found that back in 1953 a local commercial cartoonist and artist, Lewis Nasmyth, was commissioned to design and build a western […]

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The Best Bubbles Ever!

                                  Last summer ANFU discovered how to make the best bubbles ever with a simple and easy to make bubble solution. Before you go to the store and buy a premade solution, try this inexpensive alternative. You may already have all the […]

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No Bake Watermelon Cake!

Here at ANFU, we think birthdays are really special and should be celebrated to the fullest! When we came across this healthy cake alternative, we thought it would be perfect for a summertime birthday celebration! No Bake Watermelon Cake Recipe Ingredients: 1 Large Watermelon Whipped Cream Fruit Almonds and or granola Instructions: First, cut each […]

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Did You Say Fort?

There are a couple things that I don’t tell my friends – we all have our secrets, right? One of mine is my love of forts. Not the kind of fort that you make in your living room on a rainy day, but the big concrete and metal kind that are usually on a cliff. […]

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I-5 Roadtrip Play Stops!

There is nothing better than a summertime road trip that makes a lasting impression in your child’s life. However, there is nothing worse than hearing “are we there yet?” for hours while on that road trip with your child. ParentMap created a list of kid friendly pit stops all along I-5 to help make your […]

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DIY Air Fort!

                      Need a rainy day activity? Make an air fort! Supplies Needed: The largest sheet you can find Painters Tape Fan Using painters tape, tape one of the long sides of the sheet down to the floor. Place the fan at the other end of the […]

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